About Us

The West Virginia Workers Compensation Association was established in 1985 to provide a network of employers to address workers’ compensation issues throughout the state.

The WVWCA organization provides its members:

  • A voice within the commission and with legislators on workers’ compensation issues
  • Historical knowledge on workers ‘ compensation issues
  • Education and training through meetings and our annual conference
  • Communication about current issues dealing with workers’ compensation
  • Networking and collaboration among our members

While we originally were established to serve self-insured employers, we have expanded our scope to include all workers’ compensation issues and especially, high deductible programs whose interests closely align with self-insured issues.


The West Virginia Workers Compensation Association is active and recognized on both  national and state levels. Nationally, the WVWCA is a member of the National Council of Self-Insurers (NCSI) and is included on the National Council’s Board of Managers.

Within West Virginia, the Association is a member of the Business & Industry Council (BIC) and works cooperatively and effectively with the West Virginia State Chamber of Commerce, West Virginia Manufacturers’ Association, and the West Virginia Coal Association in working to maintain a fair and cost-effective workers’ compensation system.